In November, the price index of the ancient town lights came out, and the overall rise and fall was U

Release Time:2017-12-21

In 2017 November, Guzhen Lighting price index released a total of four data showed "U" type a "smooth change" trend, at the beginning of the month upward trend continued in October climbed to the highest annual peak at 116.18 points at the end of the month, closing 114.59 points, the average monthly number is 112.84, compared with October average rose 2.46% (110.12 points). In November this year, the lamp price index of the ancient town was active, the atmosphere of the market trading was warmer than that of the previous year, and it had not yet entered the "calm period" at the end of the year.

This year the town lights Fair, China lights (town) International Cultural Festival lighting, Guzhen Town, ancient town dragon boat tournament events were postponed to be held in November, many companies take advantage of this machine at the end of the sprint performance, called dealers to open up meeting, the new conference, ordering and extension of retail, commercial lighting series and index pull up lighting series index. The outdoor lighting series and the light source series are affected by the seasonal adjustment of the lighting industry. The market demand is reduced and the atmosphere of the market trading has cooled down slowly.

The four major series of indexes were "two litres and two drops" in November.

The number of commercial lighting series in November was 101.27 points, up 1.71% from October.

The number of lighting series in November was 121.10 points, up 4.95% from October.

The number of outdoor lighting series in November was 100.14 points, which fell 4.02% from October.

The number of light sources in November was 97.71 points, which fell 4.94% from October.

The index of commercial lighting rises slightly

he overall trend of the commercial lighting series was active in November, with a slow performance in the early stage, the fluctuating fluctuation in the later period, the monthly average of 101.27 points, and a 1.71% rise in the ring. With the development of commercial lighting, business lighting applications are becoming more and more professional, diversified and humane. Many commercial projects are upgrading their lighting system, and the booming commercial real estate, which stimulates the series of commercial lighting indexes.

Highlighting of the series of lamps

The lighting series index continued to rise in October. In the early November, it broke again this year's highest value and reported 127.78 points. After a slight decline in mid November, the trend rose, the monthly average is 121.10 points, which is 4.95% higher than that in October. In November affected the town lighting series of large-scale activities, the retail market is good, with orders, new fall conference and other promotional activities led lighting series distribution orders in December is expected to rise, down from a high lighting series trend to return to reason, at the end of the year ending.

The outdoor lighting series index first drops and then rises

Outdoor lighting series index in November at the beginning of the month rapid decline, then slowly rise, the average monthly number of 100.14 points, down 4.02% compared to October. The G20 summit in Hangzhou, Beijing Belt and Road Initiative International Cooperation Forum and the Xiamen Olympics, the BRICs meeting and other countries a series of major international conferences and activities, China's landscape lighting project will bloom, outdoor lighting market is expected to increase demand for replacement series, outdoor lighting series market next year increased, but the end of the year around municipal engineering and park, the construction of new projects to reduce the amount of outdoor lighting products procurement declined, so the outdoor index series will continue downward for a period of time.

Light source series index trend downlink

In November, the index of light source series fluctuated slightly, but the overall performance was weak, the monthly average was 97.71, and the ring fell by 4.94%. The market prospect of light source series is promising, but there is still fierce competition for market competition based on price. With the advent of new products and low price promotion, the index of light source at home and abroad has been down. It is expected that the index of the light source series will keep steady in a broken time.

The trend differentiation of different series of indexes in November is also very active, and the fluctuation of some series of index shows that the overall trading atmosphere of the lighting market is slowly cooling. At the end of the year, the lighting price index of ancient town has entered the stage of rest and downgrading. The total demand of the market is decreasing. It is estimated that the lighting price index of ancient town in December will fluctuate slightly or fluctuate steadily in a small step.

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