A demonstration area of the quality and safety of the export lamp products in Zhongshan, Guangdong

Release Time:2017-12-21

The reporter was informed that the demonstration area in Guangdong city in Zhongshan Province, the quality and safety of export lighting in November 30th through the quality inspection administration examination group approval, in the future, in the demonstration area of the enterprises will enjoy the government departments in the technology innovation system construction, construction, construction, testing, certification of international brands of independent intellectual property rights protection and the facilitation of customs clearance and other aspects of a series of preferential measures.

The lighting industry is the traditional dominant industry in Zhongshan. It has formed an industrial cluster with an annual output value of over a billion yuan, and it is the largest production base and distributing center of the lighting specialty in China. There are nearly 9000 lighting industrial enterprises registered in the industrial and commercial sectors only in Guzhen Town, and the effect of industrial agglomeration is obvious. Zhongshan lighting products not only sell well throughout the country, but also export to more than 130 countries and regions. The annual export volume accounts for 23% of Guangdong's export lighting products and 8% of the country. At present, the demonstration area has export lighting enterprises 51, 10 towns in Zhongshan city agglomeration distribution in the lighting industry, and other town Xiaolan.

It is reported that the construction of the demonstration area began in 2013 and was accepted at the provincial level in December 2015. In 2015 and 2016, the Zhongshan city continued to invest about 4000000 yuan in the construction of the demonstration area, and introduced the method of capital use for standardized management. This year, the Zhongshan municipal government decided to arrange the two level financial funds of the city and town in 3 years as a certification subsidy for the enterprises in the demonstration area.

After the field inspection, assessment team believes that the export of Zhongshan lighting industry cluster advantages, Zhongshan exports of lighting quality and safety demonstration area of fruitful work in the construction of quality guarantee system, supervision system, quality and safety risk management system and public service system to carry out. The demonstration area built a quality co governance system which was built jointly by many parties, which promoted the transformation and upgrading of the export lighting industry, and promoted the overall quality level of the export products and industries. The construction of the demonstration area is in line with the guidance for the construction of quality and safety demonstration zones for export industrial products and the implementation norm of the national demonstration zone for the quality and safety of exported industrial products.

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