Zhongshan has become the largest lighting professional production base in China

Release Time:2017-12-21

The construction of Zhongshan export lighting quality and safety demonstration area started in 2013. It followed the work mode of "Party committee leading, government guidance, enterprise main body, sector linkage and social participation", and it passed the provincial acceptance in December 2015. In January this year, the state class acceptance was declared. At present, the demonstration area has export lighting enterprises 51, 10 towns in Zhongshan city agglomeration distribution in the lighting industry, and other town Xiaolan.

The lighting industry is a traditional dominant industry in Zhongshan, which has formed an industrial cluster with an annual output value of over a billion yuan. Zhongshan is the largest lighting professional production base and distributing center in China. There are nearly 9000 lighting industrial enterprises registered in the industrial and commercial sectors only in Guzhen Town, and the effect of industrial agglomeration is obvious. Zhongshan lighting products not only sell well throughout the country, but also export to more than 130 countries and regions. The annual export volume accounts for 23% of Guangdong's export lighting products and 8% of the country.

in 2015 and 2016, Zhongshan continuously invested about 4000000 yuan in the establishment of the demonstration area, and issued the capital utilization method to standardize the management. In 2017, the Zhongshan municipal government issued the implementation rules for Zhongshan to promote the steady growth of foreign trade. In the past three years, 4 million yuan of municipal and town level two financial funds were allocated annually as a testing and certification subsidy for the enterprises in the demonstration area. At the beginning of this year, to vigorously implement the innovation driven strategy and quality strong city construction, increase the construction of all kinds of inspection on the city's public technology service platform, Zhongshan city issued "on the implementation of opinions" to support the inspection of public service technology platform, clearly put forward the municipal government will invest 300 million within 4 years of the platform for the construction of special funds for to enhance the Zhongshan characteristic industrial cluster quality, build quality world-class brand influence to lay the foundation for the quality of technology. Undoubtedly, this will also provide a more powerful guarantee for improving the quality level of the export lighting enterprises.

Support measures and strict supervision. In 2017, the related departments carried out many special rectification works for lighting industry. Combined with spot checks and quality based surveys based on inspection, we coordinated the deployment of "Guo Men Li Jian" and "Qingfeng action", resulting in the achievement of "1+1 > 2". The situation of counterfeit and shoddy products, foreign notifications and returns in the lighting industry of Zhongshan showed a significant downward trend. In the first half of 2017, the spot check rate of export products of Zhongshan port decreased from 12% last year to 4%, and the value of overseas returned products decreased by 61.5% compared with the same period last year, and the quality of products was obviously better.

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